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I think your instincts are right. It is extra effort because you’re moving from something you’re familiar with, to something that’s new, so you’ve a lot to learn. The basics don’t change, but there is a lot of trial and error and testing to get settled. I think it took me about 3 months from starting on the pump to being as comfortable as I was on MDI – eg I was back on autopilot rather than thinking about things.

I’ve tested more since I’ve had a pump, I think mostly because there is a real benefit in doing so – I have so much flexibility with the pump to adjust my basal rates, get my carb ratios right etc that the extra data I get from testing allows me to make changes and get better results.

So, it is a change and all change requires effort, but it’s not that hard. It just requires a bit of extra time and energy while you get it up and running. And the more effort you put in at the start – doing the research by reading Pumping Insulin, basal testing to get your levels right etc – the quicker it all settles down. Where I’ve seen people hate pumps is where they’ve gone into it thinking a pump will change their lives all by itself with no extra effort from them, and the reality has been incredibly disappointing – my pump has strong views on this – :-)