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@Simon Good points – Clearly works brilliantly for you.

Personally I hate having anything in my back pockets and front are plenty full enough with aforementioned mobile/keys/change/emergency hypo sugar tin/fluff/assorted rubbish… Not quite sure what I’d do with it. It’s deffo the permanent attachment I’m not keen on. Changing infusion sites must mean you have to move things about a bit ocasionally too. I’ve also heard about blocked tubes/infusion site probs stopping the insulin delivery which the pumper in question only spotted when their bgs went through the roof.

How about going swimming? Pulling on that wetsuit for a go at surfing on holiday? Trips to the gym? Catching your thumb in the cannula while thrashing around the tennis court? Bedroom shenanigans?

I’ve been dual- or triple-wave bolusing for carb-heavy meals for years on MDI. And I’d still have to guess/calc the carbs and factor in activity etc. All the human errors I make I’d still make.

I know all the issues that concern me must be dealt with by pumpers the world over every day… but I’m still not convinced.

On the plus side tho… that’s one less on the list in front of you @Tim