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To save you having to go to the link this is the gist:

After Tim’s review, I went to look at the contour USB info and discovered it does indeed have the software available to download info to a Mac, unlike all other pumps and meters. I asked my lovely nurse and she happened to have a voucher and voila one turned up last week.
I haven’t done a graph readout yet as I’m waiting till I have enough results, when I’ve got some more strips from the Dr.

BUT the very best thing about this meter I have to say is that it reads WHOLE BLOOD!!!!! Who was saying they have to all read plasma now? This is so much better, I hadn’t realised how much trying to adjust the reading all the time was doing my head in.

And what’s more I’m REALLY angry at Accu-Chek for deciding to change the way my blood sugars are displayed without properly explaining it, and for what reason, it just doesn’t make any sense to me at all. I’m comfy with knowing that 4 is low and that my pump is going to add more insulin in to a reading above 16. It’s so hard in the middle of the night to start trying to subtract 12.5% from a blood glucose of 17.1 so that too much insulin isn’t given. Even if I had received the promised chart to calculate the difference there’s no way I’d remember to take one up with me every night.

I was quoted that the actual readings I am used to are 10% lower by my nurse, 12.5% lower by Accu-Chek, and I’ve just read on an Australian website the figure is anything from 10 -15% lower.

GGGrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Why isn’t more being said about this?