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Thanks for all the “ideas” – some there I wasn’t expecting!..
@Alison I’ll move my infusion sets on to my.. somewhere else..! I was worried about getting white circles on my tummy!.. the pump has been happy on my bikini bottoms so far. No return to MDIs for me (ever, I hope!)
@Teloz – Steady on..! You may think that, but I couldn’t possibly comment.. and anyway, I thought you already had those little glasses, or are you still on your binoculars?
@ckoei please don’t encourage Teloz.. he really doesn’t need it.. and as he says, he lives alone, is getting on in years, and we know, his heart has given him a wobble already.. If Alison and I actually published what we wear/don’t wear in bed I don’t think he’d take it.. imagination is a wonderous thing, and still dangerous in some cases!
… oh, and I’m still having a lovely holiday!