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I feel a bit of an interloper here not being pancreatically challenged but a very interested participant. I am part of a new company (no, don’t switch off) which was asked to design an insulin injector pen with a memory. The guy who asked us to do this is type 1, a chef/restaurateur, who had had the idea when working on posh yachts and celebrities’ estates in the US and Caribbean. Because of his hectic lifestyle he couldn’t remember when or whether he had injected and how much. We agreed to see whether we could develop his idea and have come up with Mediche LifeOne which is a diabetes management system including the injector pen with memory but also has a blood glucose meter with memory and a mobile computing device which will, when set up, allow the user to build a unique picture of their diabetes and its care and management. We have tried very hard to develop this idea with and for diabetics. I chose this particular forum because you sound like mature and open-minded people (sorry if that sounds patronising, it’s not meant to be). Please have a look at and let us have your thoughts. It is very important to us to get this right for those who are going to use it and not for the manufacturers or distributors. We would dearly love to have conversations with those of you who would like to input further into the development of this product; our first design is for a diabetes management system for use with an injector pen but later evolutions will be suitable for use with a pump for those who want to record everything. We are at the concept prototype stage and looking for funding to take it to the next step. There are several venture capitalists hovering around with pound notes in their eyes and two of the big medical device companies have approached us to have meetings with them but we would rather get it right in concept and know that we are on the right track for those who will use it than just give it to the big boys (to possibly shelve). One of the main criteria of design has been that the container should have everything in it that a person who injects insulin might need for the day, that it should be stylish and discreet – something that would not draw attention to itself on a dining table, and the mobile computing device should be intuitive. Those type 1 and type 2 insulin injectors we have already approached for input have guided what we have done so far. So, now, over to you. I am very nervous of putting this in front of you – it’s a bit like watching your child be put to the test in the school play (well, you get the drift). Thanks for reading.