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The old cow stuff is vastly superior.

‘Designer’ insulins aren’t things WE ask for, but I do think Doctors THINK they are better sometimes when they are not, and without reading the research reports on the new insulins they are prescribing.

Human insulin was tested on only 300 people for quite a short period of time before being launched onto every diabetic in the country.

This is the reviewers summing up of the research into short acting insulin analogues:

REVIEWERS’ CONCLUSIONS: Our analysis suggests only a minor benefit of short acting insulin analogues in the majority of diabetic patients treated with insulin. Until long term efficacy and safety data are available we suggest a cautious response to the vigorous promotion of insulin analogues. Due to fears of potentially carcinogenic and proliferative effects, most studies to date have excluded patients with advanced diabetic complications. For safety purposes, we need a long-term follow-up of large numbers of patients who use short acting insulin analogues. Furthermore, we need well designed studies in pregnant women to determine the safety profile for both the mother and the unborn child.
PMID: 15106199 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher]

Did you get the idea that we were changed over cautiously? And- were you told to get your injection sites checked by your Dr for tumours? No? No, no Dr ever did or knew about this I don’t think. The cancer risk of analogues is still uncertain, and was pointed up by the Cochrane report. Which also came to the same conclusion as above – these newer insulins are not necessarily better for you.