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Back to topic…(yes, I do think Shoot Up has healthy / unhealthy (delete as applicable) interest in sex! Certainly in smut anyway…) :-D

Anyway, @Katie certainly came along to my original diabetes and MDI training (I was only diagnosed five years ago) and was encouraged to do so by my clinic. For us this was very useful because:

a) Katie could remember all the stuff that I didn’t;
b) she could be involved in my learning and care too;
c) she could find out about diabetes too.

People’s main fear is, of course, fear of the unknown (“the only thing we have to fear is fear itself”, etc., etc.); so the more we both knew about diabetes the less frightened we were of this new thing I had. It proved very useful. And I still use Katie for a second opinion when I’m wondering about adjusting my dose, wondering what to bolus and so on.