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Thanks, Annette. Your husband’s pragmatic approach is admirable ;) and I hear what you say about the practicalities. I guess the issue that I (and maybe Dave? I don’t want to presume to know anything about his situation) have is about the perceived intrusion of a piece of technology (never popular at the best of times) into a very personal, emotionally charged, situation with the potential to either compromise spontaneity (if you decide to take it off and then have to reconnect later, retest and take a correction bolus) or to just get in the way of whatever else may be happening (if you decide to stay connected and risk entanglement or “landing on it”).
Maybe it is just a question of the personality of the “other half” and their attitude to change being apparently imposed on the most intimate of situations. I suspect the answer is, if the “other half” has these concerns, is to involve them in as much of the research and decision-making as possible so that it becomes, as far as possible, a joint decision.
I have no great emotional attachment to “going on the pump”, I just want my control to be more predictable and to have fewer paramedics appear in our bedroom at four o’clock in the morning. I know my wife feels the same and wants to spend less time feeding me jelly babies or injecting glucagon into me in the middle of the night so maybe a slow and steady joint decision-making process is the best way of minimising any adverse effects on intimacy.
I’d be grateful to hear of any other views/experiences, whether positive or negative or even just speculative.