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Hi all,
I hope someone can shed some light on a problem we’re having. Out 11yo daughter has a Veo and Enlite for which we are very grateful. However, the CGM tells us that most nights she has very sudden, severe hypos followed by what we presume to be liver dumps resulting in his bs come morning.
She could be on a BG of 10 and within 10-15 minutes her CGM shows <2.2 followed by an equally quick rise to perhaps 11 or more. We’ve tried everything we can think of.
We’ve given her a supper of full fat milk & occasionally some cheese, sometimes with very low bolus to cover. We’ve dropped her basal from 10pm until 3am by more than 60% of that leading up to 10pm. We’ve monitored exercise to see if it was being caused by PEL (post-exercise late onset hypo) but it happens even when she’s had no exercise for days.
Usually it happens between 12:30 and perhaps 2am but more recently it’s happened at 11:30 or 4:30. We’ve on occasion by luck ‘caught’ it by BG but the number we get is likely later than the actual event given the CGM is 10-15 behind so the BG shows something like 7.0. However, this continues to rise (Symogyi effect) as we prove with later BG tests.
From my reading I’m beginning to think it might be thyroid related though her last bloods were clear. She does have celiacs already. Any help much appreciated,