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Just shot in a new sensor – boy are those needles long! I’m feeling rather proud of myself (ridiculous I know) but I managed it and only have to connect the signal thingy when the 15 mins are up and do the rest on the machine.

Wish I could find that info Alison, it’s got me so irritated, I’ve looked through my health file, I’ll just have to do the searches I was doing when I found it, but it wasn’t on that subject if you know what I mean! It was incidental to what i was looking up, and for the life of me I can’t recall what that was, darn it!

What I do know is I am using less insulin and getting much better control on this. So much so that instead of Lola alerting about 5 times a night and several times a day, she has only had to alert once, when we were on a walk on Sunday, my blood sugar dropped suddenly, I was chatting happily to someone, and OH noticed Lola was flinging herself at the back of my legs relentlessly, and then leaping up in front of me to get my attention, all completely ignored by slightly sugarless and deeply engrossed in conversation me!