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Thanks Alison. Yes, it was a bubble, in fact two side by side, and they traveled through until they were out. About 3 inches in all.

There is no option to ‘prime’ on mine. I press Act and I only have bolus, suspend,, capture event, basal, reservoir and set, utilities.

R&S only has reservoir set up (which is what I tried) fill cannula and history.

I may have to stop using this set after 3 days which is a shame as I only have two sets to last till next Weds when my DSN gets in more. hope I can make them last. They ARE very old, although in date – they are Sof-sets with a Paradigm top, they aren’t made any more. I’m thinking of trying something new next time!

I’m beginning to think my Cosmo hasn’t been working properly as I’m much better controlled on this…