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Darn it, I thought I spent less than 30 minutes in the shower. And I so tell my son that he’s spending too much time in there! I shall have to apologise… it timed out!

I have really muddled myself up today. In the garden, I noticed that there was a very long bubble in the tube. On my Cosmo I can just undo the line, go to ‘fill tubing’ in the change set mode and push some insulin through.

But when I tried to do this with the Minimed it wouldn’t – I couldn’t get past rewind in the change set menu, and the fill cannula setting kept taking me to suspend pump. So in the end I set a 9u bolus, but then realised as it went through I was going to ruin my ‘insulin on board’ memory – and what’s more, I did ‘escape’ once the air bubble was out at 6u and re-attached, but instead of stopping the blous carried on and gave me 3u I don’t want!!

Is there no way of getting rid of air bubbles without changing sets? And is there no way of stopping a bolus?