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I’m on a pump & I love it, but … It’s not for everyone & isn’t the only way to good control, it is however very flexible which makes it easier to adapt to your needs!

If you can, get a loaner pump, that’ll answer a lot of your worries. The first few months are likely to be frustrating as you try to find the settings you need & finding the settings needs work but in my opinion its worth it!

One of the things you’ll have do is test your basal (background) insulin rate, I’ve never heard of this being done on mdi but if you decide to stay on mdi it may be worth doing because when I adjusted when I gave myself my bolus my control improved immensely.

On mdi you can’t stop your insulin running out but you can move when it happens to a time when you can correct it & splitting your bolus into two can also help.

Good luck with whichever route you choose!