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Peter Childs

The 8% or below I was told was the current target a few years back, although it seams to depend on who to talk to and what they feel like who and whether they range Type 1 or Type 2 into the argument….. When I first had HBA1c back 20 years ago they said the aim was 12% or below then 10%. back then as a teenager I could manage 4% and used to shock them but that was years ago……. so my memory might be a bit flexible.

Anyway we should’t be using the % anyway have they not changed the scale? :)

I would like to achieve an average a little below my current average of 9.8 say 8.0 but that might be just my forgetfulness and trying to sort it out afterwards…..

I’m not necessary a resister I just want to ensure I know all the ins and outs before I start making trips on the off chance that it might work….

From what I’m reading Pumps are likely to become the “Expected Norm” within the next 10 years rather than the 1% of type 1 diabetics in this country it is currently, (or at least closer to the USA 10% or the European 12%). I’m wondering if its a bit like the move to human insulin we had a few years back…..