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Hi Peter.

I went onto the pump in November and wouldn’t look back. I was convinced I could achieve similar control with obsessive MDIing and had a short but intense couple of months of internal debate as to whether the pump would be a good thing. It doesn’t guarantee perfect control and anyone who tells you it does is fibbing. What it does do is give the opportunity for much finer control using more advanced techniques than MDI can give such as square wave bolus and 0.1unit delivery. You may also find your HBA1c doesn’t automatically improve very quickly or even in the medium term but instead of peaking and troughing ski slope graph it’s a much smoother trendline that’s a sits little higher than your previous average.

The ‘constantly being there’ bit was my main negative but in the end I got over that before it was attached. When it was ‘plugged in’ that was relatively quickly forgotten. I know others attach to their body during the night but I just start with it in my pyjama pocket before it falls out pretty quickly and just follows me around the bed all night.

The fact you’ve been offered one relatively easily and you didn’t have the fight that others have doesn’t mean you should feel obliged to accept the offer. But as an initially reluctant user I’d agree with Katherine in that if you don’t like it just give it back; you don’t know when this chance will present itself again.

It’s your choice, but a resister (if you can resist by not actually asking) for years I would say go for it. Nothing to lose.