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Yup – still get the random highs and lows. Except they’re slightly less random and you can tweak all your settings to avoid them much more easily.

For example, I had a hypo at about 5.30pm last night – so I put a temporary basal on so my background was 20% of what it is normally, I then only had a Mini Roll (nom nom nom!) to bring me back up. I’ve also been waking up with high BG (around about 10/11 ish) so I’ve upped my basal from 4am to 8am by (I think) 0.25 of a unit per hour. I’m now waking up at 5/6ish.

By itself a pump is just a dumb piece of plastic; but when you use one properly it’s a much better tool for fine tuning and reacting to your levels than MDI