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I agree with all of the above, but I think what helped me was that even with fine tuning of Lantus and Actrapid my monthly cycle would upset any routine. I also emphasied that with the pump I would be able to exercise ie go off with the children without having to care about hypo’s. eg I could be (normal) Play on the fact that you want a family and that you have heard ie quote Poole NHS have found that better control is aquired via the pump whilst pregnant/after care. If you hypo you put on weight but with fine tuning from the pump it is possible to loose weight! Yes I do have to alter my basal rate because like it or lump it we are all getting older each/2-3 months and that effects out insulin intake. However, once a general pattern is created you may only need to tweek it or in the case of myself adjust by increasing an extra 20% for hormones or decreasing by 90% if walking the dog. Those bloody awful gorging on chocolate days (yes I do get fed up at times because of hypo days WHY?? ) are long gone now as I can decrease the basal on temp. The pump will allow the long term implications to be fewer because we don’t have to wait for 2-3 days for the Lantus we have the control to eat/or not and adjust when needed which is why I believe all children should have the pump. :-)