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Thanks! I am lucky enough to have a Nurse Consultant (!) who tells me she is one of only 20 odd in the country, to say that she has been a godsend might not be overstating it! The GP was crap – without ever having met me had decided from the initial blood work that I was a type 2 and needed to lose weight and exercise more (I run an 8 min mile, cycle and swim regularly as well as walk three big dogs twice a day!).

Having burst out laughing at the GP and asked for a breakdown of the diagnosis I was then referred to a ‘specialist’. Oh, I was also prescribed 500mg of metformin and given a BG monitor and told ‘don’t go mad on testing yourself’.

The specialist turned out to be my NC (or DSNC) who after hearing about the symptoms, timeline and my current state as well as reviewing the results of the bloodwork immediately put me onto insulin (now been on it for a week and have had the dosage increased 50% over the last 4 days). I was told to stop the metformin, to test at least 8 times a day – and the more the better to start with as has been mentioned above, more data equals better decision making.

Am now waiting for the results of more bloodwork ‘cos they also think I might have celiac (oh the joy!). Have also now met a specialist diatician and have a follow up with the doctor in a couple of weeks.

Can’t wait to get on a DAFNE course, although have been told that I will have to wait to see if I go into a ‘honeymoon’.

So many little things to learn!