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I hope I am doing this correctly and not being a rude idiot in some way because I dont have a clue about much at all these days …..including the proper way to use forums (or if that is the correct plural even). Anyway, always keen to run well before I can walk, I had a go with your super dooper spreadsheet today to see if I could understand my readings and carb logs better in visual form. Hooray!Thank you! Its now much easier to see a trend on the resultant graphs which I am going to discuss with my DSN on my 2nd visit due this Thursday.
Anyway , a couple of idiotic questions for an Excel newbie- how do I set the basal level if that comprises of one lantus dose injected once a day. And how do I change over to the next month from october to November? Poss disturbed your formulas there….. which I think you wrote in Greek?!
Any help appreciated – sorry to be so thick. [Are you a Maths/Science academic by any chance?! ]