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Annette A

Hi @Fiona , glad its useful to you!
Basal Levels – on the first sheet in the workbook (called fixed inputs) – change the level (on BR1, as you wont change it regularly, so you wont need BR2 etc) to whatever you use, so for a once a day lantus, put 0 in the Amount column in all rows except those where you give your lantus (eg, put 10 in the row 8.00 for a dose of 10 units at 8am, etc.), and leave the Basal Rate figure on the Results sheet at 1 for each day. This should then transfer the list of 0s (and 10 etc) to the row ‘Basal’ on each day.
To change months, from a fresh file (so always keep a blank version, or you have to clear your figures each month), change the first date on the Results sheet (in cell A3) to 1/11/10 (or whatever month) – this will authomatically change all the other dates (they’re fixed together).
Nope, not an academic at all (just work for them [ish]) – I’m one of the clericals that keep the Maths department running…In my case by being good at computers [and Greek-looking formulae] :-)