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@annette Too true!! I have never come across a dietician who is worth my time of day. I know what I’m eating & if I don’t, I read the handy label which is printed on just about everything.

Of course, this may be due to be told at age three, by a dietician, that I could have half of one Jaffa Cake for my afternoon snack. Both my brothers were necking them by the handful. That & the fact my current incumbent looks like a before picture from a liposuction ad. You really expect me to take ANYTHING you say about food seriously?

@Dave Good luck tomorrow! Don’t take any brow beating. It is your health not theirs. They are paid to help you not guilt trip you. Alison’s got a good grip on it. Find out what you think might help & ask for it. As Caesar probably said “Ne te illegitimi confundant”