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Annette A

Too right @lizz – it might make things easier if there was at least some consistency between clinics! Although I think I might get a bit cross if I had my DSN in when I see my consultant – because the last time I went, there was a new guy, who was being trained in pump stuff (he was a fully trained/experienced endo), and my DSN decided she would see me with him (as I’m a rarity at my clinic – a pump user who does her own thing rather than expecting the DSN to work it all out for me) – and it turned into a show and tell. Show him your pump, Annette. Tell him about how it works, Annette. Show him your results file, Annette. I didnt get chance to ask/discuss anything, because I was then hustled out of the door. She rather takes over at times – so I’d rather see the Dr on my own. She does all the stuff about discussing doses etc (although she freely admits I know more about how to work it than she does – doesnt fill me with amazing joy).
End rant.