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Fascinating how every hospital is different. I have a diabetes consultant and a pump consultant. The diabetes one does all the blood pressure, testing of feet, urine, blood etc and any issues I want to talk about. I can request dietician etc if i would like to see one. Pump I see more often, and as often as i want… I see pump with DSN in attendance and she takes note of everything said. And sees through any advice necessary to be seen through with me. Sets up any CGM etc and also writes down anything complicated for me. Sometimes the dietician is there too. Pump info AND blood testing machine info are downloaded and looked at and any adjustments suggested. They discus anything that has come up in the other Consultant’s room. And i can also bring up any health problems here – ie I had strange lumps in my hand, I asked are they anything to do with my diabetes, I was sent down for an x-ray immediately and the consultant saw me after and looked at the X-ray with me and said what he thought and it was sent to be looked at by the expert and the results sent to me. Ditto when I was worried about my memory – sent for a CT scan by normal consultant I said to pump consultant I wasn’t happy with that as too much radiation and he changed it to an MRI. Results sent to me. I simply cannot fault the care I receive.