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@seasiderdave – sorry I missed your original post and was not able to offer you the benefit of my accumulated ignorance before your appointment!

What I would have said was “don’t worry, it was 33 years since my last hospital clinic visit before I returned in March this year (”

Given my lack of experience at hospital clinics, my responses are obviously based on a very limited sample but as far as test results go, I took a selection of paper copies of my Excel-based graphs (I find lists of numbers meaningless unless you have hours to spend on them!) and then just pulled out the relevant ones if we got to an appropriate point in the discussion and there was a point to make that would be illustrated by a specific graph. Based on my graphs it took the registrar (not consultant) about five minutes to say “have you thought about an insulin pump?”

I didn’t go looking for a pump, but I did think there was a distinct possibility that my data would suggest that I was a suitable candidate for one. So while I agree with @alison that if you know what you want you should go prepared with the evidence and be prepared to argue your case, at the same time, if your evidence is robust enough, and your medic is good enough, then an alternative approach is to let them use their professional skill and judgement and see what their diagnosis is based on the evidence you have provided. If their answer is not what you expected, then challenge it, but it seems foolish to not let your doctor exercise his/her brain/skills/training in the first instance. Of course they don’t know you (or your life or your family or your job or your bizzarre hobbies or…) so you need to help them reach the right conclusion and manage their expectations, and if they are really too busy, too entrenched, too dogmatic to see that you have your own ideas about your own illness then you need to let them have both barrels (refer to @alison‘s many posts on getting what you want from your medics :) )

Anyway, this is all too late for your return to the clinic, but I am pleased it went well for you.

Regarding the actual outcomes of your visit I would make the following observations:
-Why on earth would they bother testing you for Addison’s if your A1C is in double digits? Frequent unexplained hypos may provoke questions of Addison’s but not consistent raised BGs!
-When I met the dietician at the clinic it turned out that she was trained in the 1970’s (when you and I were diagnosed) “when they did carb-counting properly before they pretended it didn’t matter in the eighties” and a quick chat was all it took for her to decide that I probably knew more than enough. She did show me a copy of that book and I have to say it looked appalling to me.

Best of luck, Dave.