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Ah, glad it all went well Dave! Sounds like a good plan to monitor anything and everything – it’s a complete chore, but I find that without data it’s impossible to tell what the hell’s going on. When my control goes pear-shaped I spend a week logging everything and usually after looking at the data a wee lightbulb appears – “ahha, *that’s* why I#m having all those hypos!” and the problem is solved!

I wouldn’t discount the 3 day CGM – it’s better than nothing and you could use it perhaps to see what your BG does when you eat pizza or something. You might find – for example – that it takes forever for your insulin to kick in, so injecting 20 minutes before eating might work better for you. Who knows?

I’ve heard good things about Carbs & Cals – at £8.67 on ( it seems rude not to buy it – but I don’t have a copy myself. I’ve also got a set of those carb scales (these ones in fact which give you super accurate guestimates of your carb input at dinner time.

And there’s nothing sad about being excited about good control! :-) I like having good control so my diabetes remains relatively tamed meaning I don’t feel crap and I can get on with doing more interesting things (like drinking wine!)