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I’m quite possessive when it comes to my data, I don’t like to share it so rarely take anything in. I simply take a list of any issues I want to discuss, anything I want and any relevant research. eg when I wanted a pump and CGM I looked up the NICE criteria and went in with the a list of how I met it.

I guess it depends on what you’re looking for from your consultant. I mostly use mine as a second opinion to check my thinking. If I wanted some help identifying issues, I’d take graphs in from my meter, or if I knew the issues but wanted help solving them eg I’m always low in a morning, I’d present them with the issue and ask for advice. Or if I wanted something eg DAFNE, I’d go in with data on why I was appropriate for it eg I know I’m not carb counting accurately, I’m hit and miss when adjusting dosages which causes lots of highs/lows.