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Aside from my very early days on MDI and the pump I’ve never been asked for results of my BG tests, so I never bring them along. I’ve certainly never heard of anyone doing something as advanced as downloading the details from my meter!

We just have a nice chat about this and that and I mention any problems or issues I’ve been having in general terms but we don’t go into masses of detail. Essentially I say something like “I’ve been having lots of morning hypos” and they say “why not try reducing your early AM basals” and stuff like that.

I don’t think your average BS will match up with your A1C as they measure different things. My average BG on my meter is always out of goose because if I get a very high or low reading I’ll check it again, skewing the averages! Anyway, this page apparently converts average BS to A1C: According to it your average BG of 7.6 equals an A1c of 6.7. Let us know what you do actually get!

My dietician is lovely, but not much use as I always eat pretty well anyway.

As Annette says, be assertive – if you think DAFNE would be good for you then ask for it! :-)

Good luck and report back!