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Annette A

@seasiderdave – results presentations depends on your hospital/nurse/doctor. Some like stuff on paper, some prefer computer files (such as excel spreadsheets), others download results from meters (although I’ve yet to hear of one over here that does that – anyone? It does seem to be more a US thing).
I’d say, present them in the way that you keep them. If they want you to change, they’ll ask you to. If you write them down, present the paper copy. If you keep them on excel/mac equivalent, take along a memory stick. If you dont record them, shame on you ( :-) ), download the results and give them that. I’d also say that my own experience is that they only look at the last month, so there’s no point in going back further than that.
And good luck. Tell them what you want, and dont take no for an answer. If you want DAFNE, ask if they do DAFNE. (And I’ve yet to find a dietitan who’s given me any kind of valid advice at all. Sorry to all dietitians out there reading this. Come work in Warwickshire and prove me wrong. Please.)