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HbA1c results back. I’ll preface this by saying that my previous was 10.1 and the past five years have seen nothing under 8.6. Now I know the figure I’m about to give you would cause many in this group to cry and stay awake through the night staring at test results shouting “Why? What can I do to improve this? How can I get you below 6.5 if you won’t even give me a clue?”. However, for me, this is the first step in my journey towards diabetic godliness so am quite happy to take my time – it has taken 32 years to get this far so another few months won’t affect my toes survival chances too much.


There you go, that’s it. Nothing to get excited about but for me it’s huge to get under the mmol/l equivalent of 10. I know the next will be higher whilst I’m currently averaging double figures daily to try and flatten the roller-coaster. But for now I’ll bask in the glory before being brought strongly back to earth.