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OK. Update time (I really should start a blog – but at least here I know voices are listening, even if they are mocking; yes, I’m looking at you Tim ;-) ).

Thanks for all the replies they’ve been really useful and reassuring.
The CGM campaign is ongoing but it’s a slow burner whilst I build a relationship with the DSN. My key question is: “So there are no MDIers with a CGM in this health authority?” If there’s even one, I’ll fight like a dog. If not then I shall try my hardest to become the first.
Carbs & Cals is working well for me and, after taking time to put faith in a huge plate of pie being much lower than I thought, it’s helping.
Went back to see the dietician this week. At this stage (and I know it’s only one meeting) I thought he was fantastic. He looked at my figures and suggested that although my HbAic was high that was because I was having too many hypos therefore needed to reduce the insulin to carb ratio to 1:15 from the 1:10 that everyone he seems to see picks as being ‘correct’. Yes I may run high (9 to 12) for a few weeks but if we can get the hypos sorted now bringing down the background level will be much easier. This logic would have baffled my GP nurse so much her head might have exploded.
Where he got my faith was when I asked questions, he answered them confidently and in a way that made me believe he understood what I meant – i.e. I get a pre-bed reading of 4.0 what’s my food action at that point, knowing that a glucose solution would spike me and maybe drop me lower before morning.
He also repeatedly said that one size cannot fit all and to find answers to all my questions eg. effect of alcohol, will take time but we’ll get there.
Back in three weeks after following the new ratio (and I’ve brushed up on my 15 times table) for another analysis.

I’m feeling the most positive about the D as I have done in 30 years at the moment; so all is good. At the same time I’m feeling a little guilty that others obviously aren’t getting the care they need and this has shown me that if we want something, we have to start demanding it and stop being the submissive patient and become the controller. Obviously only two appointments in, I’m starting to sound like a reformed smoker but I’ve got genuine belief (hope) that my team can help me take control again.