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@tim – as @ckoei says “vive la différence!”.

Yes, I am aware from my “trying-to-get-down-to-doing-some-paid-work-in-a-minute-just-after-I-have-read-this-fascinating-blog-post” excursions that there is some diabetes-blog-thing going on.

However, from what I have seen, it is largely (even from the few other good diabetes blogs) an exercise in self-indulgent mutual congratulation. No irony, no sarcasm, no cynicism: where is the fun in that?

I would urge you to stick to your principles and give us more of this site’s usual perspective and don’t feel compelled to join in with the others who seem too worried about being seen to conform to the norms of behaviour of the “DOC” (Diabetes Online Comunity for those of you who have a life!)