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Blimey @Megs – both at the same time?! Respect!! How are you doing 3 months on?

a) I do, so it may be
b) I don’t actually know specifically – I shall therefore ask! :) (during the op I assume the anaesthetist?!)
c) Er no.. actually, I don’t think I do …. whilst at the pre admission appointment one nurse who spotted my pump (which I wear in an mp3 pouch/sportsband thing around my ankle) actually asked “is that a prison tag or something?”…. I’d def prefer that she stay well clear!!
d) the only DSN with pump experience at my hosp is on annual leave! Back in tomorrow apparently so I’ll be on the phone for her advice first thing.
e) good question!… I have no idea!! Do you go under general for a c section though?? Being kiddie free (thus far) I have no idea about these things, but wouldn’t mind finding out before I start thinking about babies/giving up my freedom/sleep/cash/etcetc (!)

@Alison – more than happy to confirm that I understand that I am a foolish and irresponsible patient who has chosen to ignore the doctors who obviously know best on numerous occasions, so this certainly won’t be the first time! ;)