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Hi @Bellebe so far no opps with a pump (touch wood!) however I helped in a research project re hypo’s and the effect it has on your heart. The heart consultant had to be in control of my insulin requirements so I was taken off the pump and put onto a sliding scale so they could make me hypo. That in its self pushed my b/s up as my stress levels increased. However, once back to normal about1/2hr later I could go home.
I suppose in a way what I am trying to say is
a) If you suffer with stress and it effects your b/s it may be better for them to monitor your dose.
b) Who will be testing your blood?
c) Do you want a nurse/doc messing about with your pump??
d) What does your diabetic team say ? can they not talk to opp doc?
e) From another angle pregnant diabetic mum’s who are on the pump are encouraged to keep the pump on them but what do they do if an emergency section required?

Good luck and keep us informed just in case.