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Lol! Hello, I’m new to here, not to hypos… I can see I’m going to enjoy reading this thread!

Hypos that spring to mind – one just -before-Christmas, I became very hypo in our kitchen. My entire family (OH, two children) was there – but for some unknown reason they couldn’t find anything at all with sugar in, so opened the Christmas cake and fed me bits of it. It tasted absolutely foul – don’t know if this happens to you, but if I’m really low (this was 1.2) stuff tastes sort of sour. Do you become emotional when hypo? I was SO upset about the people who would open this cake on Christmas day, and it would taste AWFUL – I sat and howled with my face on the table, terribly distressed at the thought of all those ruined Christmases. When I came to, it was to find my family in hysterics.

My very worst embarrassing one was when I was just a teenager – I went to a party and followed my boyfriend (who was not really up-to-speed about hypos) round copying everything he did, since I couldn’t think for myself. He like celery with salt on. I decided I would also eat celery with salt on, but salt was very like sugar, I’d use a LOT of it, so got a piece of celery, poured half a pot of salt on it, then decided that wasn’t enough celery, put another piece on top and poured another huge half pot onto that – I have no idea what my manner was doing this, but I was dimly aware of people watching – then I spotted jelly. Jelly! That was sweet! I made my way to the jelly table, splurged the celery into one of the little pots of red jelly with cream on top. Hmm, not enough jelly! I needed jelly! So I tipped the jelly and celery onto the plate the jelly was on, and then tipped another lot of jelly on top of that, getting cream over all my fingers which I proceeded to lick off in a way I’d rather not describe here in public, and started to eat it off the plate with my mouth as I didn’t have enough strength to get to the cutlery table. I still go hot and cold remembering this.