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Well, when it comes to hypos, breakfast and erm the other thing….

A few years back I was v hypo when I woke up… so I went downstairs to get some breakfast.
I got a small breakfast bowl out and put it on the kitchen table, emptied the entire contents of a large box of cornflakes on top of the bowl followed by a full 4 pint container of milk, then I cracked 4 raw eggs on top to finish it off. I calmly sat down, while it all sort of swam around the table, and tucked in with a fork and spoon (?!)….. (unsurprisingly) at this point I started retching…. and my mum came downstairs and promptly gave me a glass of lucozade… all this time however my sister had been in the kitchen watching me and was by this point crying with laughter … thanks for that sis!

To this day I have no idea what the egg thing was all about but it seemed like a completely normal thing to do at the time!