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Actually, if you do a lot of tests (sounds like you do) then practically any meter company will send you a free meter.

At the moment I have the Bayer contour USB, the Accuchek mobile and an Accu-chek aviva.

The accu-chek aviva has been reliable and gives good results quickly. It has a clear face and can be seen in sunlight. But not the dark.

The Accu-chek mobile is a meter and lancet device in one – the strips are put in a drum inside the meter, so all you have to do is pick up one device. It is bulky and ugly and heavy and I stopped using it. However the lancet device I removed and use it as it is the best finger pricker I’ve ever had, quite gentle.

The Bayer Contour is a disaster. I thought it was brill at first… but when I took it out I realised it is unreadable in even moderate light. It’s awkward to use – long and thin and the test strip goes in one end – but then you have to turn it upside down to read the reading. It does light up at night – but I only do one est in the actual night which requires putting the bedside lamp on… having a meter readable by day outside is much more needed by me.