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Yay! I can comment on a pump users topic!

Having been lent one yesterday for a few days I decided that instead of just testing on the leather pad they gave I might as well stick it to my body and carry it around as I will be doing in the near future. I don’t have any saline so the pump is empty and I haven’t used the stabby thing, just stuck the end of the tubing onto my stomach with the sticky bit. I know there are technical terms but I’m still naive enough yet to stay with the non-D words.

My first night went well. After starting in my pyjama pocket it fell out at some point and followed me around without causing any problems. Laura, my very patient wife, said this morning that she felt it (the pump!) a few times but it (yes, still the pump!) didn’t bother her at all. At this stage I’m now thinking sleeping won’t be too much of a problem – ignoring all the potential insulin delivery problems obviously.