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Yeah, I think @lizz summed it up nicely. I DO know another diabetic, but he isn’t a very internet forum kinda bloke, although I believe he did at least initially like/join the facebook page… He may even be a lurker!

though I’m not entirely convinced by more people – I struggle to keep up with the site as is ;) But that’s largely cause I’m lazy… :P On that subject – if there is ever a big increase in the numbers, I think a different forum set-up (or at least re-training for me!) would be beneficial, as I struggle with the large numbers of ‘new activity’ posts. Sorting it by ‘this thread has had activity’ rather than ‘look at all theses hundreds of individual posts!’ would be cool…

But largely, I love it here, is perfect to cheer me up when the diabetaids is getting me down :)