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I rarely give money to charity, normally only if a friend is doing an impressive challenge like climbing Everest and I want to support them in their charity fundraising. I don’t give to people doing sponsored walks unless they couldn’t previously walk – if you could already walk it isn’t really a great challenge is it?

I’ve given a lot of time to diabetes charities over the years and still do. I prefer to give my time because I can manage how it is spent. I like to support events for the pancreatically challenged because they made a real difference to me as a child. Also, I do some campaigning – I was involved in getting plastic syringes, blood test strips and pen needles available free on prescription. I don’t fundraise or get involved in research for a cure – I feel a cure is simply a marketing ploy to raise hope and money rather than a realistic possibility. I will sometimes support research into treatment.

It doesn’t look like the ShootUp charity of the year campaign is a goer then Tim ;-)