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I hang mine from a soft stretchy pouch with a hook on from… um… forgotten. One of those pump people. Begins with an A. I think. It’s their new design and has worked quite well. It doesn’t show up at all, you can’t feel it and doesn’t impinge/press on delicate breast tissue – which can cause cancer, apparently. Good for under dresses and jumpers and everything. So yes, Tim, get a bra. Just do it. You’ll be glad in the end.

I cannot BEAR having the darned thing on my waistband. I’m not at all plump, but I find it digs in and stops me moving easily, and bending. And it looks ridiculous covered by any top at all.

Sometimes I put it in a pocket. That’s quite successful.

I have just got funding for a year of CGM, by the way. So now I’ll have to find places to put the darned sensor…