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@aileen I think at this point I’d be questioning the credibility and competence of whoever is claiming not to be convinced about the guidelines – if they’re going against such a strong tide of expert opinion, I’d expect them to be an internationally recognised diabetologist/endocrinologist with significant experience in treating diabetes with insulin pumps.

Its always worth asking what experience they’re basing their decisions on. My PCT consulted an “expert” on whether CGM was a good idea for me. Without meeting me or seeing my records he said it wasn’t. A little bit of digging showed that while being an experienced endocrinologist, he’d never actually used CGM in practice because he didn’t like the idea of it. I got his opinion removed from the decision making process by asserting that he wasn’t competent to offer such an opinion.

In your case, are the people disregarding these guidelines really competent to do so? And if so, what evidence are their claims based on?