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Hairy Gnome

Being the slovenly old gnome that I am, I tend to keep my test meter littered about my computer desk. My pens and needles are in a couple of plastic boxes perched on the rim of the shower tray, and my insulin stock takes up the dairy products drawer in the fridge. Why on the shower tray you ask? Because they’re handy for use when seated is why. I do have to move everything when I have a shower, but hey, nobody ever said life would be perfect! I rarely leave the house for more than a few hours, so I only take my Novo Pen and meter with me if I know I shall be out for a meal. For that I use the latest baggie that I got from Accu-Chek, a bit like a soft pencil case with Accu-Chek embossed in the side.

On the other hand, it would be worth all the hassle of getting a pump just so I could carry it around in one of @Katie‘s excellent Stripykat pump cases. Do you think she could make me a hydration pack to match for carrying the insulin? :D