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Hi, I was in a similar position 24 years ago! Went to the local eye hospital expecting to have a few burns and came away with 1000+; BIG SHOCK. Then went back several times to have lots more.

Things went quiet for about 18 years and over the last 6 I’ve had two big bleeds, one where one eye ended up looking ‘through a major swarm of bees’ and one where a cloud of them gradually spread from the bottom left. Both times I panicked. Both times the eye hospital A&E said “Go away, we can’t give you any treatment until the vitreous humour clears itself.” Both times it did just that in a couple of weeks, both times I had more laser treatment.

I’ve now had 3.5k+ burns to each eye. No GAs; bit uncomfortable most times; bit painful twice; but Hey, I can still see!

The point of the tale is that whilst I would certainly never say it’s a pleasant experience, and as Claire said, assume you’ll be blind tomorrow, (well not quite!), just don’t wind yourself up to the point where you’re shaking when you go to the Hospital, it blurs the dots and they can get arsy about you spoiling their patterns!

Seriously though, my eyesight is not perfect but it’s still OK. I passed the DVLA field of vision test a few weeks ago and don’t have ANY PROBLEMS AT ALL day to day. Talk to the Doc before you let them loose and as long as you’re comfortable: Chill out & go with the flow, at least for the next twenty years!

Remember that when my ‘blanket’ type treatment started it was experimental. They now have loads of different techniques, use different lasers and know a hell of a lot more about it than when they started on guinea pigs like me.