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Annette A

@pyratepate – When I was on MDI I had major problems with nighttime hypos. I shifted my entire Lantus to the morning, which almost eradicated them, but did leave me with a major dawn phenomenon – as @Tim says, lantus is not a 24 hr insulin. For me it was about 22 hrs, and took about 4 hours to peak. I countered this with an additional fast acting (I used Novorapid) jab when I woke up to deal with the rise in bg first thing. But this was for me – it wasnt something anyone told me, it was trial and error.
I agree with Tim – ring (and ring and ring) your diabetic clinic/specialist/nurse; dont rush into doing anything, let any change settle in before you decide it doesn’t work. And test! Test every couple of hours, before every meal, 2 hrs after every meal, before bed, whenever you can. The more tests you have, the more obvious a trend will become.