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Having never met a pumper (first time I ever saw one was on a teen walking round ASDA the other night) and never really researched it until earlier this year, my (probably highly inaccurate) perception of it was always how can it possibly not get in the way all the time? My daughter (9yrs old) and I are very rambunctious, and my wife is almost as bad when it comes to *ahem* stuff :)

The other worry is the increase (personally) in glucose testing (in no way am I trying to suggest CGM is a replacement for that!) I’ve been far from good when it comes to control growing up, and it’s only as I’ve to get a bit long in the tooth (30 feels long in the tooth …) I’ve tried to repent my sins. I do approximately one solid week of monitoring in every four at the moment.

Programming with sore fingers is hard!