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Annette A

My brother-in-law’s partner’s mother (sounds like 7 degrees of separation…) was given a diagnosis of ‘Type X diabetes’, told it would probably progress to Type 2, and left to get on with it. I suspect what they meant was Syndrome X, and what they actually meant was ‘pre-diabetes’, but as she (a) didnt have the full Type 2 diagnosis and (b) was suffering from alzheimer’s so couldnt actually answer/understand most of the questions they asked (her husband, being elderly, was also somewhat unsure as to what he was supposed to say – ‘is she going to the loo alot more?’ – uhh, she’s incontinent and has been for several years, how do I know…)they didnt see the point of actually doing anything.
My brother-in-law contacted me (of course) and I pointed him to a few useful websites (including DUK) and gave them a few pointers, but we all felt she should have received better care/notice than she did.
[She died last year from alzheimer’s related complications, before Type 2 could be diagnosed, so who knows what would have happened.)