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Something on one of the other threads made me wonder… if it was possible to have your children checked as to whether their pancreas was being attacked by antibodies, would you have the test done?

There was research being carried out by Profesor Gale into whether vitamin B in large doses halted the progress of the destruction of the Isle of Langerhans if it had started, and since vitamin B is excreted I though it would be an ok study to get my children on. they were both tested to see if they had any antibodies yet – they couldn’t do my son when they did my daughter as he was too young, but when he was old enough he was done too. at the time of the test, they both had no antibodies and thus only a 1 in 400 chance of getting type 1 at that time.

But things could have changed since, although neither of them have it yet. Daughter is 23 and son 18.

So – should our children be tested throughout their lives (it is my understanding that it takes about 5 years or so from start to getting diabetes, so it wouldn’t have to be that often) and so able to get onot any research schemes should any be available?