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@diabeticpsychologist – I never joke (well, I’m certainly never funny). The Nazi guy was saying that poor diabetes care in the UK was due to too many immigrants and that sort of guff. He was an idiot; and as this place is a benign dictatorship not a democracy (see our legals: I booted him off the site! :-) Hurrah!

I think that, in general, you need a great deal of patience to run a public forum and I can see why some admins get stroppy – there’s an endless stream of spam, emails from marketing companies asking us to plug stuff (see: and what-not. Thankfully a) Alison & I have endless patience and b) Shoot Up is populated exclusively by lovely people – the idiots haven’t found us yet! ;-)

Quite how this thread has turned into a gentle rant about other forums I don’t know… :-)