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Oops. Sorry. Was meant to come back with a full review but haven’t really used it enough to justify that.

Firstly as mentioned previously the OneTouch Comfort pricker is by far the least painful pricker I’ve used although the needles aren’t as hardwearing as my previous Multiclix so maybe aren’t as suitable for those that replace less frequently.

Next the meter. Roughly twice the size of my favoured Nano with a test strip that needs blood applying from the side. It comes with average analysis scores over 7, 14, 30 and days. Results can be tagged as before-meal, after-meal, fasting or bedtime.

The highly promising trend analysis looks at your BG and will display a message depending on whether it spots a trend in your BG. The lower limit of the acceptable range is set at 3.8mmol/L but the upper pre-meal limit is entirely changeable depending on your own targets.

A low pattern message will appear when you get a ‘low’ (under 3.8) BG on any 2 days within the same 3hr period over the last 5 consecutive days.

A high pattern message will appear when you get a ‘high’ BG on any 3 days with the test tagged as pre-meal within the same 3hr period over the last 5 consecutive days. This only works for pre-meal tagged tests.
That’s it. No more analysis, which is a great shame. There’s obviously potential here but the inability to add insulin or notes for exercise etc means that the 1,001 other variables can’t be spotted to help you work out what’s really causing the lows or highs apart from insulin dosage. The fact that the high analysis only works when the test is tagged as pre-meal removes the potential to analyse, say, two hours after eating.

it does seem a nice tidy meter but I’m not sure it’s offering much over a pen and paper. The fact it looks at 5 days of data is the most useful point but for me the variables outside of insulin dosage are too significant for me to base dosage adjustments purely on 2 tests from 5.

For me it’s gone back in the box as a useful reserve that I don’t think will ever turn into my regular meter. Sorry OneTouch.

Obviously I’m only one user so others my find it very useful and with further use it may become more beneficial but not for me.

However, get the pricker to protect your digits!