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I have to say I love meters you can download – it’s the only way I manage to record anything.. Back in the old days of “diabetic diary” I didn’t test much anyway, and would spend 15mins before my hospital check-up making up months worth of results (I gave myself perfect control with the odd hypo and high flyer to make it look more realistic..)
You can still cheat on downloads, but why bother.. I was on Accu-Chek compass like Teloz, but it didn’t work when I upgraded my laptop with Windows 7.

So I bought myself a new meter (any gadget to inspire me to test – it works for a bit!) and got the Contour USB which comes with Glucofacts – all seems well so far..

I used to love printing out the Compass piecharts and data to show the consultant – or even e-mail them in advance.. the results pre-pump were still scarce and rubbish, but at least I was trying a bit.. roll on “the cat ate it” or “the printer wasn’t working/ran out of ink”

I can’t use the excuse that I didn’t have a pen and paper handy, (so didn’t test – what was the point if I had nothing to show for it – my old “old” excuse) but it’s one less thing to have to faff about with if the meter has a better memory than you do..